Spa Triathlon

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    Spa triathlon is a new sport for health promotion that combines time races such as running and walking with hot spring baths such as footbaths. This idea originated with by Yasuharu Inoue, who sponsors an event company, and in 2007, the first competition was held in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture. The name is a compound word of spa (hot spring) and triathlon, and the basic flow of the race is (1) start, (2) 3 km race-walk, (3) foot bathing, (4) 4 km race-walk, (5) bathing , (6) 3km race, (7) goal/bathing. However, depending on the tournament, attractions such as races using a mommy bike (shopping bicycle), climbing uphill, underwater walk, etc. may be adopted. One of the features is that the participating athletes wear rental yukata (casual cotton kimono) as a uniform. The tournament is mainly held in hot spring areas and any people can participate regardless of age or gender, thus contributing to regional revitalization. As an event that is held at the same time, there is the Spa Athlon, where you can jog, walk, and bathe while competing for quizzes and game scores instead of time. In addition, a pet-athlon in which people can participate with a pet dog and a photo-athlon that competes for the skill of the photos taken during the race have been devised.

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    It is possible to customize the competition contents to suit each hot spring area.
    In October 2007, the first competition was held in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, as part of regional revitalization. Since then, we have held competitions at 17 hot spring resorts including the Seoul Competition in Korea.
    How about using it as an attractive event for after corona time?
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