Ashiyu Cafe is a relaxation truck with a footbath installed on loading platform of a large truck.
    It also has 63-inch monitors, audio equipment, and a coffee shop counter. With this Ashiyu Café that can also be used as a stage, we have held various events all over the country. It is a footbath where you can easily enjoy hot springs without taking off your clothes. By improving blood circulation, you can recover fatigue and relax your mind and body. And we think it is most important for people who meet for the first time while having a footbath to have a pleasant conversation. Outdoor tables and chairs are also standard equipment, making them useful in a variety of situations. If you wish to rent, please feel free to contact us.

    Rental fee: 800,000 yen/day
    (Including operating and management costs. Actual costs of transportation to the site is to be paid separately)

    General Description:
    A footbath and large monitors are set up on a large truck. It is also equipped with audio equipment.
    It can be used for holding symposiums and other various events such as sales promotion, while soaking the feet in a footbath.

  • Tub for the footbath Number of people:6~8
  • Heat-retention, filtration equipment
  • Two 63 inch monitors
  • Audio equipment
  • Four outdoor tables ・ 16 chairs

  • Drawing of Ashiyu Café