ASHIYU ACTION proposes to those who spend a lot of time at home to prevent new coronavirus infection, to easily soak their feet in a footbath and relax at home. This aims to get rid of the stress of staying at home and to use a footbath to enhance the relaxation and immunity with a hot bath effect. We are delivering videos featuring athletes on how to enjoy footbaths along with the message “Stay Home! Take a Footbath! “ASHIYU ACTION””. In 2021 when the corona has successfully converged, we would like to welcome the people of the world to the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games with a smile. Also, we would like to spread the tourism and hot springs of Japan to the world, and contribute to the energetic Japan of after-corona time.

    Ashiyu Action Youtube Channel

    Ashiyu Action was introduced in NHK program, “Ohayo Nippon”