Footbath Produce・Ashiyu Café Truck

The Japanese people have loved hot springs since long ago.

A lot of people can enjoy it while talking. And it is popular also for foreigners because we can feel the healing feeling of hot spring easily.

It is a popular corner of athletes and event participants, planning and managing footbath events at venues such as marathon races and Olympic venues in various places.

Even at the venue of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games and the 2022 Qatar World Cup Football, we also plan to have footbath corners and would like people from different countries to enjoy it.

In addition, we produce a “spa triathlon” that mixes footbath and triathlon, and we will develop events throughout the country that anyone can participate and enjoy while feeling the climate of the land.

Spa Triathlon” is a completely new health promotion sports that combines hot springs with sports and communication.