Olympic related event work

We have been having Olympic exhibition and nurturing “sports volunteers” to support sports events from the side.

In the “Supporting small force total gathering · sports volunteer” Forum (November 2014), athletes expected to play an active role in the Olympians future participated.

We had event to convey the importance and impression of sports volunteers who are attracting worldwide attention now.



In the Tokyo Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in 2020, we also plan to develop a business that allows many sports volunteers to be useful and helps everyone to participate happily.

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Japan Festival 2012 in the LONDON Olympics

Duaring the London Olympic,we had Japan Festival 2012 in LONDON.
The purpose of this event was to be rediscovered the attractiveness of Japan by the World and to deepen
the bond between Japan and the World in a sports fest that is taken place every four years and people from all over the world get together.