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Spa Triathlon & Spa Athlon

“Spa Triathlon”, “Spa Athlon” are sports competition that combines Spa with sports and communication and enhances each individual’s health promotion. It is a competition that everyone can enjoy and participate regardless of age and sex, distinguishing between “Spa Triathlon” competing as a time race and “Spa Athlon” that can participate while enjoying the attraction that can sense the climate of the land.Even though “Spa Triathlon” is time competition, but athletes enter foot bath or enter hot spring on the way. In “Spa Athlon”, players play games, enter hot springs, and participate in fun entertainment in the area. So it’s a handy sports that gives priority to fun that can participate even in family 3 generations.

About Spa Triathlon & Spa Athlon

Spa Triathlon & Spa Athlon in Furuyu hot spring

Spa Triathlon & Spa Athlon in Futsukaichi hot spring


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