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Global business matching service

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Planning and managing various sports events and cultural event

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Planning, developing, and managing of hot spring facilities and related products such as footbath booth at sports events

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Let’s hold “sports and cultural events remaining in mind” with us.


Middle East Business Matching

We tie Japanese companies and Qatar, which is making a remarkable economic development recently,…

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Olympic related event work

“1964 Tokyo Olympic”‒ Commemorative event for 2020 Tokyo Olympic & Paralympics…

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Footbath Produce・Ashiyu Café Truck

It is no exaggeration to say that many Japanese are programmed to feel comforted in…

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We’ve been spreading Japanese culture and tradition

to the world through sports and cultural events.


Produced the "TOKYO OLYMPIAD 1964 Exhibition" sponsored by the Japan Olympic Committee(Saga)

Produced "Foot bath corner" at Tokyo Marathon(Tokyo)

Created sports promotion VTR of Sasaki Co., Ltd.(Aichi)

Media promotion of "Kyoto Kimono Story"(Saga)

Cooperated with the inheritance seminar " Preparation for Happy Second Life" event(Tokyo)

Produced "Foot bath corner" at Kasumigaura Marathon(Ibaraki)

"Dynamic panorama view project" Toyama prefecture promotion video produced(Toyama)

Toyama Prefecture Tourism PR Promotion(Tokyo・Toyama)

Gokase Town "Gogase Global Eye 2020" Concept Initiated (Miyazaki)

Produced sports volunteers and launched the SV Sports Volunteer Association (Tokyo)

Inheritance Diagnostician Association Media PR (Tokyo)

"Japan - Qatar Sports Future Conference" Produce (Osaka · Miyazaki · Saga · Tokyo)

Produced that Managing Director of Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry made a courtesy visit to Gokase-Town (Miyazaki)

Produced "Foot bath corner" at Shimada Oigawa Marathon(Shizuoka)

"Let's support" Little power integration · Sports volunteer "Forum Produce management(Tokyo)


Produced Nextage Nishijyaya Shop Opening Event(Aichi)

Produced "Foot bath corner" at Tokyo Marathon(Tokyo)

Lecture for Yubari regeneration society (Hokkaido)

Produced Olympic study group meeting for Miyazaki prefecture (Miyazaki)

Media PR when Doha Bank CEO Visited Japan (Tokyo)

Coordination of Japanese company to Lighting Tech Qatar 2015(Doha)

Produced the press conference when Mr. Matsuda announces Run for the mayor's election(Saitama)

Produced Nextage Komaki Shop Opening Event(Aichi)

Coordinated Mr. Barshim of Qatar Athletics Team to Miyazaki Camp(Miyazaki)

Produced "Foot bath corner" at Shimada Oigawa Marathon(Shizuoka)

Media promotion of "Sakata Kakiemon gate exhibition" (Saga)

Coordinated Mr. Seijun Ninomiya Lecture(Fukuoka)

Produced Qatar Work Communications Inauguration Press Conference (Tokyo)

Produced Umeda Hankyu Department store Event "Revenge by Nadeshiko at Rio" (Osaka)


Produced New Year 'Special Rice Wine Sales Event' (Saga)

VOLVO Dealer Opening Event & Produce Northern European Culture Creation Event (Osaka)

Produced "Foot bath corner" at Tokyo Marathon(Tokyo)

Lecture "city planning method" for Mitaka City Board of Education (Tokyo)

Media Promotion of "Arita Ceramic Society Members Work Exhibition" (Saga)

Media promotion of "Kyoto Kimono Story"(Saga)

Media promotion of "Kiyousuro Nakamura Exhibition"(Saga)

Produced "Yatomi kita junior high school Sports Volunteer Forum"(Aichi)

Coordinated the lecture of Hara Susumu , Aoyama Gakuin's coach(Fukuoka)

Produced foot baths in the areas affected by the Kumamoto earthquake(Kumamoto)

Sports Volunteer Cooperation for World Triathlon Yokohama Tournament (Kanagawa)

Produced Maserati Sendai Opening Event (Miyagi)

Produced a mobile mosque design contest at Aso college of automobile(Fukuoka)

Produced "Foot bath corner" at Shimada Oigawa Marathon(Shizuoka)

Media PR when Doha Bank CEO Visited Japan (Tokyo)

Produced “Spirit of Japan to the world Samurai Festival in Qatar” (Doha)


Produced Kurokawa Onsen “Premium Friday" PR Planning(Kumamoto)

Produced "Foot bath corner" at Tokyo Marathon(Tokyo)

Coordinated manga artist "Yoichi Takahashi" to Comic Con Kuwait 2017(Amman)


Corporate Principles

Our core business is to lead more people to experience joy, empathy, surprise, gratitude and satisfaction through sports and cultural events.We also support promotions for our customers through newspapers, magazines, TVs, online etc. We aim to improve product values and services in cooperation with the media. We want to become

a company that earn the deep trust of our customers and the media by pursuing mutual benefit of them and establish trust relationships.for kyushu sapri ‒ NPO Kizuna Kai (Fukuoka)

“Top athlete Juku”first time in Odaiba (Tokyo)

Chiba Marine Marathon“Foot Bath”Event (Chiba)

Tokyo Marathon“Foot Bath”Event (Tokyo)

Produce a booth and movie for Mitsubishi Rayon Cleansui & Puma at 2013 Tokyo Marathon Expo (Tokyo) Campaign event with baseball teams‒ Real Draft, Sasaki Co., Ltd (Miyazaki)

Sports Nippon Shimada Oigawa Marathon“Foot Bath”Event (Shizuoka)

Qatar Research Project


Behavioral Guidelines

We always understand the needs of our customers, and propose full of creative ideas.

We prepare in advance enough to meet the needs of our customers, and do business with integrity.

We enhance customer satisfaction, and become a best reliable partner.

We constantly monitor valuable information for our customers.

We contribute to realize a society with people’s great smiles by providing a high-quality service.

We comply with the law, and have a common-sense behavior in accordance with the social regulations and norms.


We value relations with our customers and provide the best services, and at the same time, we want to introduce Japanese culture and tradition to the world with having close communication with the media, and hope to expand our activities into the wider world.


Currently there is no recruitment recruitment.

Please feel free to contact us about for planning and management of sports and cultural events.